Tout – the next step in microblogging?

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6. October 2012 by brockpetersen

Tout is social media site with 15-second video updates. It is basically Twitter but with videos instead of text. It may seem as the obvious evolution of microblogging, but the service has not quite taken off like Twitter did a few years ago.

During the summer, WWE – the sports entertainment company – invested a lot a money in Tout and has since integrated the video updates on their official website and in their television programming. Furthermore, NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal, used Tout instead of the traditional media networks such as ESPN to announce his retirement back last year.

I think one of the problems with Tout is the lack of anonymity, because obviously you have to record yourself to interact with others on the site. Some people may even find it rather uncomfortable to appear in a video. It is also less accessible to record a video than write a text update on Twitter.

I think Twitter will remain king of microblogging in the future, because of how easy it is to use. However, Tout is useful for people and corporations who want to share video content with their followers.


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